The last week has been crazy. As well as finishing the fit out of our new Adelaide office, I announced the launch of my new business, Iconic Growth. I have been absolutely taken back by the overwhelmingly positive response to the announcement and could not be more excited for what the future holds for the business.

I have had a lot of questions from people about why I have changed paths with my business. In this blog, I want to go into more detail as to why I stopped doing sports management and decided to start a business advisory firm.

Let me take you back

In order to do this, I want to take you back to June 28th 2017, which was the date that I formally exited AGC, which was my business that I founded and that consumed my life for over 5 years. I founded AGC when I was 21 years old and in my final year of Uni, so being the owner of AGC really was the only way I knew of life as an adult.

When I left AGC, it was a super weird feeling. Going from having 400 staff one day, to the next day having no staff is one of the weirdest feelings ever. You go from having so much going on to having nothing going on. You’re biggest decision goes from being a decision that can have a massive effect on all of your staff and their families, to your biggest decision being what time to eat breakfast.

I’m not talking about the moment you sell. I am talking about the physical exit of the business (the exit always comes after the sale). The best way to explain this is imagine living in a massive house with 399 other people for your whole life, and then moving out into a studio apartment on the other side of the world. It is good, and it is a bad. In a nutshell, that is how you feel when you exit the business you founded (as promised, I will do a blog post solely on the mental process of leaving the business you founded in the future).

After exiting, I vowed to do nothing at all (other than relax) for a period of a month. As I was sitting there watching re runs of Suits and The Wire (shiiiiiiit), my brain naturally got moving and I really got thinking about what I wanted to do in the future. Forever and a day I wanted to be a sports manager (this is the whole reason I went to Law School) so I thought that this was the perfect time to start a sports management business.

Fast forward to August and I launched Iconic Management Group, which was a full service talent management agency. I travelled to America to meet with various agents and people in the know, met with people all around Australia and had some real momentum. Then one day I woke up and realised that I didn’t fully connect with the business of talent management. I wasn’t as excited as I should have been and didn’t have the level of motivation that is required to grow a business rapidly.

The next few weeks consisted of a lot of thought processing and mind mapping as to what I was doing. And then it hit — I realised that there were 3 things I really loved doing in this world:

  1. Motivating people;
  2. Talking about business; and
  3. Working with elite high performers.

Naturally, my brain then went on a long running tangent and worked through the details of how I could combine all of these items.

Since August I had been working with a number of business owners as an advisor to them so when I was going through what I loved to do, it was exactly what I was already doing — advising elite business owners on how to grow their business. Bam, the answer was staring me straight in the eye the whole time — I just didn’t realise it until I broke down all of my thoughts into a logical sequence of what I loved to do.

Out of that Iconic Growth was born. I made the conscious decision to start Iconic Growth as my only business at the end of November, and from that point it has been full steam ahead and I am absolutely loving every moment.

We have already opened offices in Melbourne and Adelaide, have recruited the best staff, have a large number of clients and have a lot of momentum. This was all before we launched too.

What does the future hold for Iconic Growth?

Iconic Growth grows great businesses. Our team is currently in launch mode, getting everything ready in the background to roll out our services in the new year. Right now we are setting the foundation for Iconic Growth to work with 1 million businesses by 2025.

When you look at what my team did with AGC — we pretty well monopolised the market where if someone needed any form of sustainable cleaning or waste management, or a good quality service, we were the only company that they would call. This attraction model was built through going above and beyond, making it happen and building a culture that the industry had not seen before.

Although in a completely different industry, Iconic Growth will be similar. We will be the business that people come to when they want to grow. We will be the business that people come to when they need advice on any aspect of a growing business. We will be the business that people trust to give practical, accurate and professional advice time and time again. We will be the business that delivers results every single time we work with a business.

As well as this, we are investing heavily in technology to provide a business advisory platform for start ups that Australia has never seen.

We have the best people on board (refer to my previous article here). Building a business is a science, not an art. There is a method to building a successful business and as long as you follow the method, the business will be successful.

So right now, I am practicing what I preach. Putting myself out there to show that the science behind building a business does work. Even more, I am sharing that process with everyone here.

The next 2 months is going to be the craziest 2 months of my business life (that is saying something as I have had some pretty crazy moments over the last 5 years).

I am back, I am pumped and I am ready to build this business!

Thanks so much for reading.

Feel free to reach out if you like:

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