The start of a new year a most exciting season: time off, family & friends, and an opportunity to recharge — what a great way to reset and start with a bang!

Now I am sure you are thinking, what on earth does this have to do with technology and business? How is this remotely useful to me? Let me explain.

For those who are unacquainted, I’m Jacob Thomas, or Doogie for short (yes as in Doogie Howser.) Over the last eight years I have started, grown, and exited businesses; developed and implemented new technologies; built new business revenue streams; won multiple industry awards; and was even an employee for a while too!

With a strong background in information technology and business management I have blended my passion for events and live music and been able to work with the best of the best and achieve significant amounts in a relatively short period. It has been an absolute thrill!

In May 2015 I launched my current venture “Doogie Consulting.” Our vision is to take the best people, technology, and business acumen to unlock value for our clients, in all walks of life. The first 15 months of this venture was tough as I spent much of the year looking after my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s in the US, but that’s a story for another day.

I sincerely believe to be the best you have to live and breathe your goals. I’ve never been one for writing down “top 5 goals” or “making a list of desirable accomplishments” (each to their own) but you need clarity of thought and a burning desire to achieve your goals, no matter what the cost.

There are three types of goals as I see it; short, medium, and long-term goals. These are stacked, using the short-term goals to achieve your medium term goals, which in turn unlock your long-term goals.

Short term goals are immediate: what can I do this month, week, today, right now to keep moving in the right direction? It might be as simple as making that sale, getting a new contact, or even going for that bike ride you keep putting off. Any time you spend procrastinating or delaying is time you are further behind!

Medium term goals are the three to six month outcomes, only achieved by working away at your short-term goals.

Long term goals are a year or more and are the hardest to stick to. Its said that good things take time, and achieving these long-term goals takes your all.

Why am I waffling on about goals, relaxation, and time off? Again I hear you ask, what is the point? The point is to grab the bull by the horns as it were, take that leap of faith and use the festive break to get recharged, get pumped, and set yourself achievable targets you can focus on throughout 2018.

Want to get fit? Great, actually go to the gym and eat healthy. Want to be your own boss? Learn the skills and take the plunge (it’s the single most scary and amazing decision in your professional life. Again, a story for another time.)

Personally, my long-term professional goals are ambitious to say the least. I am working with the right team, technology, and processes to launch into the new year with a bang, and I just won’t take no for an answer. (Exciting news to come over the next several months!)

Technology is the cornerstone of all businesses presently and into the future. My advice is to re-evaluate how you use technology, both personally and professionally, and make a serious medium term goal improving on how you capitalize on technology and how you increase its value to you.

This is a theme you will hear about throughout my musings. Don’t be afraid to spend money on technology if it saves you time and money. On the same note, don’t be a muppet and waste money on the latest and greatest if you haven’t thought it out. Long term outcomes over short-term savings is absolutely key!

Talking technology for a moment, here’s a tip: find the most annoying, time-consuming, painful thing you hate, and solve the problem with technology. That might be data entry, double handling an invoice, capturing expenses, proposals, or even just maintaining an exact database of information. For me, it was all the above. Find the right solution that scales with your business, and make sure you never have to do that one thing ever again.

Here at Doogie Consulting we have recently committed to and rolled out a holistic business technology platform. A single product suite now handles every aspect of the business. It is a costly migration (as all good things are) but we are on track to make our return on investment in under three months! I will never have to re-key an invoice or re-enter tracked time for billing, its all integrated.

I will be discussing how we have leveraged technology to become an industry leader in a future blog.


  1. make tangible goals
  2. get the right advice and technology to support your goals
  3. don’t let anything keep you from achieving them

Thanks for joining me in this inaugural blog, I look forward to discussing tech, business, and life, with a dash of coarse language and a decent helping of humour. Enjoy the festive season, and get pumped for 2018!


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