We are getting back into the swing of the year, with the end of May fast approaching… soon we will blink and it will be Christmas again!

All the usual folks are getting back into the swing of making predictions. Pundits are wondering what the latest Apple innovation will be, the latest tech scandal, what new piece of nasty malware has come to light, and (I say this with a hefty dose of sarcasm) “The trends of IT in 2018 and what you MUST do to stay ahead.”

Twaddle I say!

Yes, technology is being developed at an almost mind boggling rate, new ideas are coming to light, and I could only dream of the tech we have now five years ago. Home speaker with 25000 voice commands? Yea right Star Trek… nice try…. Machine learning? Blockchain? Who would have though these technologies are now main stream!

Although tech is being developed so rapidly, does it affect the vast majority of businesses out there who don’t have 100,000 employees? No. Are some technologies driving invocation, unlocking revenue, and simplifying how your business functions? Absolutely.

What I am trying to say is us tech folk love the new “trends.” Buzz words are key in our industry, and people have learned how to perfect the fear of missing out (FOMO) to encourage businesses to spend valuable capital on a pipe dream at best, or technology that is so eye wateringly expensive you can never make any return on your investment.

Lean and clean people, lean and clean.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, absolutely love it. I know those around me who see the invoices sometimes want to hit me with a frying pan but I am absolutely smitten with the latest and greatest in all things tech.


I know that everyone reading this blog can operate a phone, tablet, or computer (or you are reading this print out on the office wall!) I also think it’s a safe bet if I start rattling off jargon about cloud hosted this, block chain that many of you are going to think I am speaking a foreign language. I try very hard to restrain my inner nerd verbal diarrhoea for those who appreciate (well… tolerate) it.

I was speaking with Jordan earlier this week and I managed to natter on about block chain. His only question after a lengthy description was “cool, but what actually is it?” This was a penny drop moment for me. Even though a word or “trend” is fairly commonplace in today’s society do you know what it actually entails or how it functions?

It took a while for this to rattle around in my brain and actually make sense of my own jargon. How on earth can everyone be expected to stay on top of all things technology and know what a “trend” is, does, and how it can help your business… if at all.

The pessimist in me is getting a great workout today… DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE. Unless you can have a concept explained to you and then understand a) what it is, and b) how it is of value, don’t jump in with both feet. If it piques your interest, explore the topic more, chat with your tech buddies, or drop me a line on social media.

Now, this isn’t to poo-poo all new IT things, certainly not the case. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure launched a decade (!!) ago. Many people wrote it off but the technology has revolutionized how businesses operate. Even consumers wouldn’t be with Netflix without a healthy supply of cloud computing.

I think the best strategy for any business is to partner with trusted advisors and technology strategists to ensure the business is maximizing its investment in IT and unlocking value in the future.

One of my favourite all time quotes is “there is no such thing as the ‘Cloud’, it’s just someone else’s computer”


  1. Use common sense and explore IT “trends” before you commit
  2. Don’t believe the hype
  3. Don’t be afraid of new technology either! The future of business is technology

See you in the next post,


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