At the beginning of this year I started writing again, both professionally and for my own enjoyment. I promised myself I would put pen to paper (fingers to keys these days!) and discuss technology, business, and entrepreneurship.

I feel like I need to make a best intentions quip as it clearly didn’t work out as planned! My bad!

I’m not one for cheap excuses but it’s been a rather busy time. I have redirected my focus on giving back to the community through easy to read, informative (hopefully!) content, and helping the next generation of business leaders develop. I’ll be posting both written form and video content along the way.

The Year So Far

As you may or may not know, my company Doogie Consulting was acquired by Iconic Growth after a lengthy strategic partnership. Jordan Walsh, my now business partner, is a long-time friend and absolute business guru. Over the last number of years he has built several successful businesses and as partners we are geared up to provide outstanding service to clients around the world in a number of capacities.

I won’t go into too much detail of Iconic Growth (check our website for more info at but we are a market leading business advisory & strategy firm, providing both high level strategy and consulting through to technology driven solutions in our Iconic Tech division.

My passion for live events will continue to thrive through Iconic Live where we work with amazing people and clients to deliver custom technology solutions for large events.

A Story For Another Day

Over the last three months I have been designing and implementing a core technology portfolio for an online learning platform Iconic Growth is launching shortly.

We are launching a new program “Build A Business Program” to enable anyone with an idea or just wanting to take back control of their lives to start and run a business. We are providing a huge wealth of resources as part of this program. Not only do participants get these amazing resources, each person gets one on one consulting on both Strategy/Vision and Systems/Operations.

I am excited to be able to share the journey and further details over the next several months and discuss the challenges and successes we have had. It has been an incredible learning experience and has made me grow as an individual.

Back To Basics

Now the business deal is done and we are settling into our new Melbourne office I can focus on the things I value the most; technology, enabling business growth, and education.

Just in case I wasn’t busy enough I have also completed a Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership and am waiting on final documentation to come through in the next two weeks. I can hear my mother saying I have taken on too much! I have learnt so much from this undertaking and believe this has strengthened my offering to clients and as an individual.

Where To From Here?

Over the next six months you will see more content focused on educating and informative topics.

Later this week I will be addressing the GDPR legislation coming in to force shortly. This is one of the most interesting and far reaching pieces of technology legislature in the world and affects every business with a website. My aim is to cut the noise out and explain in simple terms what to watch out for and what you need to do to be compliant.

I have set a personal goal to deliver engaging content at least once a week, sometimes more, via social platforms. The content will be on my website (, LinkedIn (, Medium (, and shared via Facebook.

I’m looking to getting back into the swing of writing and connecting with the community.

Until next time,



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